Breast Uplift

Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

What Is Breast Uplift Surgery?

Breast uplift (mastoplexy) is a cosmetic operation to remove excess skin from your breasts to improve their shape. The procedure is very similar to breast reduction surgery. However, in a breast lift procedure your breasts are reshaped by tightening the skin, without removing any breast tissue. This means your breasts will remain the same size, but be reshaped so they look firmer and perter. If you would like extra volume or a larger breast, then a breast uplift and breast augmentation using a breast implant can be combined to create your desired look.

Breast lift, clinically known as mastopexy, may offer to address number of concerns including physiological and physical. This treatment is a great opportunity to fight with a lack of confidence and discomfort for the self- appearance. Apart from emotional reasons, there are also many significant medical reasons to have it done. Once you have it, it will stop the ageing and gravity effect on your breast, erase pregnancy deformation, and finally disburden your shoulders and back. Those widely known factors can be eliminated by breast lift or (Mastopexy) .

There are 4 types of surgical incisions :

Lollipop (keyhole) incision:

This is an incision type that performs around the areola and goes vertically down to the breast crease.


Anchor incision (inverted T):

It starts under the areola and going down across the breast crease


Donut (circular):

It is the incision that performs around the areola.


Crescent incision:

It is the scar that is located halfway along the areola and mostly performed with the combination with augmentation.

A breast uplifting is unlikely to damage milk glands or the nipple, but by informing your surgeon, extra care can be taken in this case and the method chosen for your breast uplift may be altered to suit. 

Breast uplift

Breast uplift before and after

It’s important for you to have realistic expectations regarding your breast lift surgery. By looking at before and after photos of past patients who have had a breast lift you can see the results that can be achieved by this type of procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon can show you before and after photos.

During breast lift surgery your cosmetic surgeon can lift, transform and reshape sagging breasts to give a more pert, firmer and fuller breast appearance.

All patients will experience different results as they have individual reasons for breast uplift surgery and surgery will be tailored to achieve theses specific goals.


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