Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Most people think that Cosmetic Nose operations ( Rhinoplasty ) limited to nose augmentation (increasing the size) & reduction (decreasing the size). In fact, cosmetic nose operations (Rhinoplasty ) can be used also for therapeutic purpose as in procedures related to correction of nasal septum deviation.

Beyond aesthetic considerations, it is seen that people who experience trouble breathing through the nose to increase their quality of sleep & life after surgery and they feel more energetic. Remember, a healthy, comfortable breathing and beautiful nose, which suits your face the most will boost your confidence and you will be better and happier with yourself

What are Cosmetic Nose operations (Rhinoplasty)?

Cosmetic nose operations (Rhinoplasty) are surgical procedures that can be used in nose reconstruction for cosmetic or therapeutic purpose. These procedures aim to get a harmony and symmetry between nose and other facial features. Also, these procedures can be performed in cases of disturbance of air flow through the nose as in sleeping apnea

Are there any complications or risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There is a certain amount of risk and potential complications in any surgical operation. The surgeon’s task is to anticipate them and to point them out to you. We  usually inform our patients against the risk of infection and bleeding. Although excessive bleeding after rhinoplasty surgery is also very rare, our mission is to inform our patients of this possibility. If such a situation occurs, it will do within a few hours immediately after the operation. In this case, patient should not worry and let the doctor know instantly

تجميل الانف

Can my doctor fix the shape of my nose aesthetically and treat my breathing problem at the same time?

Yes, this is a fairly common condition. Both your breathing problem and your cosmetic dissatisfactions can be solved at the same time. Your nose will be reformed in accordance with your facial features. This would count as a plastic surgery and your insurance will not cover it. The only thing in the medical context covered by insurance companies is the proablem of breathing. For extra payments, the next year’s agreements or so, you still need to contact your health insurance company

Advantages of Cosmetic Nose operations (Rhinoplasty)

  • Reconstruction of traumatized nose.
  • Correction of any congenital anomalies related to the nose.
  • Altering the exterior appearance of the nose to be more acceptable and harmonious with other facial features; this will enhances personal self-confidence & self-esteem.
  • Treatment of some medical issues related to inspiration and expiration as in sleeping apnea

Cosmetic Nose operations (Rhinoplasty) Conclusion

Cosmetic Nose operations ( Rhinoplasty ) are simple and its results are usually guaranteed, make sure to detect what you wish, taking into your consideration to be realistic in what you want
  • Great aesthetics. They look great in your mouth.
  • They can be durable and very strong.
  • They provide a great choice both for front and back teeth.
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